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How to create value across your organization with fast-driven AI projects?

Your solution: AI Factory by Artefact

AI Factory

Your customer challenges with AI

  • How to turn AI technology into tangible business opportunities that can boost your productivity and give your company competitive advantages?
  • How to deploy AI initiatives in a fast and efficient mode, without failure and that can be sustainable in the long term?

Businesses using AI technology increase their productivity by 38%
(Accenture - 2017)

Vincent Luciani

Vincent Luciani
Co-founder and Global COO of Artefact

How the AI Factory by Artefact ensures the successful deployments of AI initiatives.

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AI Factory

3 main reasons to choose the AI Factory solution by Artefact!

Feature Teams with top notch experts

  • AI Feature Teams of hyper-skilled data consulting, data engineering and digital experts working in tight collaboration for higher efficiency.

  • Together they are smarter, invent new ideas and solve problems more rapidly, resulting in extra value for clients.

Lean AI methodology for continuous progress

  • Dedicated governance to secure a successful operating model.

  • Thinking about tangible results for each AI project since day one, testing systematic improvement and impact on users and business.

  • Very structured and proven Lean AI method in 7 stages: Factory structuration, Discovery, MVM (Minimum Viable Product), Prototyping, Scale, Optimization.

State-of-the-art AI Technologies

  • All required technologies to collect data, develop algorithme and visualize.

  • Artefact AI enablers are easily integrated with client’s legacy systems to automate processes.

  • Strong partnerships with top cloud providers (GCP, Azure, Tencent) ensuring the usage of the latest AI capabilities, based on solid infrastructures.

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Carrefour Amélie Oudéa-Castera

Amélie Oudéa-Castera
Head of E-commerce, Data and Digital at Carrefour

Carrefour has created the Carrefour-Google Lab in partnership with Artefact

Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Head of E-commerce, Data and Digital at Carrefour explains at the HUBDAY DATA 2019 in Paris how the launch of the Lab Carrefour-Google is an accelerator of their digital transformation. Carrefour identified 70+ AI use cases with Artefact, which already developed 5 Minimum Viable Products.

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How (and Why) to Build a Data‑Driven Organisation?

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They leverage data whenever and wherever possible in order to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.

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