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Artificial Intelligence

At Artefact, AI is not just a buzzword, it is at the heart of everything we do and say.

Visionary marketing leaders need to understand AI and how it impacts consumers and marketers. They must take proactive steps to ready themselves and their organisations for the AI-powered future.

We help brands move from intuition-based decision making to data-driven decision making, to automated decision making – allowing their teams to no longer waste time on repetitive error-prone tasks, but to concentrate on higher value-added work.


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Big data ecosystem

We believe your ecosystem should make you faster, not slower.

A data platform is more than just asking IT to install Hadoop, it’s about laying the foundations upon which your business is going to base its future.

We help brands design and implement their entire data ecosystem, architecture, and systems to governance, organisation and compliance. Our experts help firms ensure they are equipped to deploy new use cases in weeks, not months.