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Data Analytics Consultant

Dubai, Middle East

We are looking for a Data Analytics Consultant.

Do you know code, logic AND marketing? Are you the go-to-guy or girl for sorting out complex digital analytics? Are you a team player with a can-do mentality and passion for data-driven performance marketing? Then you are the one we are looking for.

You’re eager, know the future we’re headed for and passionate to the bone when it comes to data-driven marketing and innovation.

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What your job looks like:

  • You implement tracking scripts on web and apps, mainly Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics 360 and Floodlight;
  • You connect websites, use API’s and link CRM systems where necessary;
  • You explain to customers the importance of 360-degree customer views;
  • You project manage complex projects where it comes to tag management, analytics and marketing technology (DoubleClick etc.);
  • You explain the difference between different technologies in a way non-tech people also understand;
  • You’re experienced in the G360 suite tools, DoubleClick and perhaps also in BigQuery and statistical analysis with for example R Stat.

Your Mission

  • Measure the impossible (everything);
  • Optimize and be better every single day;
  • Automate repetitive boring jobs to make us and our customers happy;
  • Truly make marketing data driven;
  • Collect, analyze and apply the use of data, also back into the performance media channels;
  • Build your own career.

Your talent

  • Your excellent knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and jQuery, DOM, Cookies, API’s etc;
  • A genuine interest in other technologies as well, like Ajax, Angular, JSON, PHP etc;
  • Strong architectural skills in structuring the complex;
  • Your skills to quickly adapt and run several projects in parallel;
  • Some experience with Adwords, RTB, remarketing and DMP technologies.

Your keywords

  • Innovative
  • Entrepreneurial and pro-active
  • Flexible and independent
  • Reliable, open and down to earth
  • Curious and critical
  • Structured and precise

You have a bachelor in Computer Science and a minimum of two years hands-on working experience in the relevant matters. Maybe you have been building implementations for years for yourself and others? You’re most welcome! Fluency in English (also written) is a must.


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