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Trafficking 2.0


Trafficking 2.0 

Trafficking is a time-consuming, repetitive, manual and error-prone task that you cannot avoid when setting up a digital campaign.

That is why Artefact developed a new interface to easily set up your campaigns in Campaign Manager (ex-DCM) in a few clicks only.

campaign manager

The first step is to fill in a media plan following our exhaustive template.Then, our tool automatically turns this media plan into a traffic sheet. Errors are detected in real-time and detailed on the interface. All your placements and creatives are automatically set up in Campaign Manager.

Campaign set up: 10x faster

For one of our clients, we used Campaign Manager to set up their 2nd biggest campaign of the year. The campaign ran in six countries, had 1300 placements and 13 event tags. Without Trafficking 2.0, this would have taken three to four days of work. However, with Trafficking 2.0, the campaign was set up in two hours – meaning that with Campaign Manager, campaigns can be set up 10x as fast!

Octopus platform

Activation Channels

Our multi-channel Trafficking 2.0 tool can help you optimize the performance of your Programmatic Display and Social Media Activation channels. For more information on our approach, have a look at the channels below.

Reach out to our experts to find out more about Trafficking 2.0 and the opportunities for your company.

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