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Social Advertising stakes are new and constantly evolving. Just a few players are flexible enough to concretely perform in this liquid environment.
Advertisers must perfectly understand the many facets of social networks and adapt to users’ habits with smart use of declarative data, strong orchestrations and creatives adaptation following Social KPIs that sometimes differ from what they used to work with. Adding a bunch of data-related features clearly helps reaching the right target with the right asset at the right time.

our differentiators

PARTNERSHIP – We maintain privileged relationships with our social network partners. Our Social teams have valuable local contacts within key account departments. In September 2018, Artefact joined Facebook’s GSO team in Paris, becoming the only independent agency managed within the key account’s portfolio.
CREATIVE FLEXIBILITY – As a part of an independent agency, the Social Advertising department spends lots of time consuming processes related to creative matters. We directly interact with the creative department that adapts or builds creative strategies that perfectly fit with social network expectations. Knowing that creativity is key in Social, we bring quick and adapted solutions to ensure advertisers that they will receive the best of their commercial highlights.
INNOVATION – Early adoption and innovation are our biggest pride. We always accompany our clients through new beta or alpha on social networks. Thanks to our strong flexibility, social partners such as Facebook trust us to test and develop new features such as Facebook Attribution or Dynamic Product Ads which we had access to in preview. This brings strong differentiation to our advertisers on high competitive verticals.

100% SOCIAL – At Artefact, we believe that Social & Display Advertising are two different expertises. Therefore, our Social teams are 100% dedicated experts on social media strategies. Their knowledge goes beyond simple social media buyings as they master social creative management, social engagement stakes and organic social matters.
NO SILOS – As part of the Activation department, Social teams always interact with all other media buying channels such as Search, CRM and Display. That way, we can build synergistic, winning strategies that bring value through the mastering of campaign reach or the creation of technical links between channels to create innovative advertising solutions.
AUTOMATION – Our experts spend time on the most valuable and strategic tasks for our clients. To do so, we automated the most repetitive tasks that don’t drive value in order to save time. Dashboarding, automated optimizations, media plans & benchmarks are our keys to spending the majority of our time guiding our clients through a successful social vision.

SOCIAL & DATA – Social teams benefit from the proximity of brilliant Data Science teams to create data-driven solutions that improve traditional Social campaigns. We create bridges between client DMP to create unique and powerful data-driven targetings that identify and reach the client archetype that has the highest propension to convert in the short-term.
TECHNICAL EXPERTS – From awareness to performance, Social experts master all technical facets of Social Advertising such as hotel/product feed management for dynamic ads to Nielsen DAR/TAR study set up for branding highlights. This way, our clients have the capacity to measure all along the customer path with best-in-class social solutions.

data is key

At Artefact we believe that data is key to optimizing our clients’ presence and performance on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.). We help advertisers adapt and perform in this new liquid environment – where habits are in constant fluctuation – with reactive product adoption and key contact with global sales teams at our social partners’ headquarters. Our expertise relies on a thorough understanding of social network stakes and habits to adapt brands to this personal and intimate environment through technical knowledge, creatives and measuring best-in-class levels.
In addition, we add a bunch of data and AI solutions that solve social advertising breaks such as targetings, signal identification or activation reactivity.
Finally, we follow a 100% transparent approach that makes us a trusted partner that shares all information related to social media buying.

our way of working

We have a unique methodology in the way we approach our Social Advertising campaigns. We ensure close relationships with all social network headquarters to ensure best-in class knowledge with the latest updates, beta on ads and measurement solutions. This benefits our advertisers all along their conversion funnel as they get access and adopt unique solutions that their competitors can’t yet work with.
Our other priority is to ensure that communication is perfectly established with our clients. Indeed, Social is a bit different than other digital channels, notably in terms of social user habits and engagement KPIs. In order to do so, we always start with client training on operational, strategic and creative aspects. This is a part of our 100% transparent approach to our clients.
Once these two steps are validated, we develop fast and impacting Activations that bring strong insights and results.

Operationally, we deeply think that taking into account the fact that social networks are all about conversations and engagement with targets is the key to convert them and earn social market shares. This is always clearly visible all along our Activations – whatever the vertical, whatever the objective. It’s the reason why we always think in orchestration that goes progressively from branding to performance matters, with a smooth target transition in the contents and redirections we push.
We’re data players so we always ensure to collect data at each step of the target journey to understand better who our target archetype is and how we can optimally adapt our Activations to convert them. We solve advertisers’ pain points regarding targetings and signals identification, adding data overlays that take both first-party and behavioral insights into consideration. That way we can identify and duplicate data-driven targetings that bring true results on clients acquisition.
Finally, we integrate AI to increase our performances and processes with in-house solutions. Thanks to algorithm and API connections, we automate optimizations and media plans that are usually time-consuming tasks, but represent low value for the client.

our proprietary tooling

Within our Artefact offering we use our proprietary tooling to maximize the impact of your campaigns. Within our Activation offering we have built a game-changing platform unifying a suite of AI-based innovative functionalities. This technology is at the heart of our daily decisions.

Automated Media Plans – we rely on a deep MediaLake to learn and build our media plans automatically, relying on relevant data categorized on each client vertical. This way, we can challenge ourselves with fresh market KPIs and ensure that objectives we set with advertisers are up to date.
Social Optimizer – we have developed AI for Social, modelling the best way to optimize Social Ads campaigns in a machine that takes decisions in real time. This way, we only control machine decisions, which allows us to spend more time on strategic thinking that matters.
Competition Planner – we put a competition dashboard in our clients’ hands that sums up all creatives and activation dates of their competitors in the last 12 months on Facebook. This is key to define powerful social highlights that overtake competition.

Would you like to work with our Social experts? Contact the team with any questions you may have or to set up a meeting!

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