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search engine optimization

We build fully bespoke SEO campaigns and projects designed to fit your business capabilities and meet your business goals. Our SEO campaigns encompass all areas of SEO including technical, content and outreach which allows us to have SEO strategies that start with your users and their search intent front of mind. Whether you would like to have a market leading content campaign that engages and acquires customers or you are in need of someone to get into the code of your site, we have it covered.
We don’t only optimise for searches on Google, we also work to boost your visibility in other search engines and ecosystems including Bing, Baidu, YouTube, Yandex, Amazon or wherever else your customers are. This becomes possible with a global network footprint of around 1,000 employees with just under 100 of these professionals directly practicing SEO – which means that we understand your market and all its nuances.

one combined strategy

We integrate content, tech and outreach so we have one combined strategy. Data sits at the heart of all our SEO campaigns. We can handle accounts at a global scale, and we engage your customers with engaging creative content strategies.

our way of working

At Artefact we have a unique methodology in the way we approach our SEO & Content projects. Our SEO strategies are built around your business and its specific needs. We typically look at SEO delivery in 5 distinct phases:

1. The Foundation Phase includes complete site auditing (Technical, Content and Offsite).
2. The Consideration Phase is about how change management and work loads are structured between all stakeholders in a partnership.
3. Strategic principles will be defined once we understand your business. We will suggest the most optimal SEO strategy based on the inner workings of an organisation.
4. In phase four, project implementation and roles and responsibilities are defined
5. Everything is measured using an automated measurement process and we constantly refine our approach to do more of the things that are having the highest business impact.

Reach out to our SEO experts for any additional information requests or with any questions you may have. We’re more than happy to set up a meeting with you anytime.

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