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Activation Manifesto


Activation manifesto

At Artefact, we reinvent the client-agency relationship.

We are consultants.

We are experts in business strategy, and have years of practical experience within the most prestigious consulting firms.

We are marketers.

We know this industry and its best practices. We have some of the industry’s most renowned experts in strategic planning, creation, and digital activation.

We are engineers.

We know that doing is as important as thinking. We apply systematic machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to all that we do, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

We are economical.

All our costs, fees, and margins are transparent. Our overheads are strictly contained. Our sole luxury is investing in only the best profiles at every level of our organization.


We are Artefact.
We are Marketing Engineers.

Our Activation offering is based on three principles – Precision Marketing, Technology & AI and Business Intelligence & Growth Hacking. For more information on these three guiding principles, have a look at the respective pages with all the details.

Do you have any questions about Artefact and our Activation offering? Reach out to our experts with any information requests you may have or to set up a meeting anytime!

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