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About us

A digital agency built on the perfect union of marketers and engineers

Our vision

Technology has transformed consumer lives

A new breed of brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Airbnb have captured consumers’ hearts & minds by disrupting the status quo across all sectors. These brands have defined higher standards of customer experience by continuously improving their products and services through digital, data & AI. All brands must now live up to these new standards.

Our team in the Middle East

Our team consists of digital, marketing and technology enthusiasts with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We are visionary, strategic, up to date with the latest marketing developments, aware of what is needed, technology addicts, entrusted partners, equipped with operational skills and always in tune with the long-term vision.

Meet our team in Dubai and Doha
Rahul Arya

Managing Partner Strategy Consulting, Data Science and AI

Christos Solomi

Managing Director Digital & Data Marketing

Naguib Toihiri

Head of SEO & Growth

Vidya Kolachina

Human Resources Manager & Talent Recruiter

Fe Piamonte

Administrative Assistant

Amir Zeeshan

Finance Manager

Sibtain Nadeem

Finance Analyst

Alexander Soliman

SEO Executive

Roberta Minino

SEO & Growth Executive

Tracey Rountree

Account Director

Rhys Chow-Seegolaam

Account Director

Christy Kunjumon

Account Manager & Data Analyst

Omar Samad

Account Manager

Rima Ghazali

Client Lead

Henna Rafeeque

Account Executive

Renz Joe David

Account Executive

Shubham Gaur

Account Executive

Nazneen Mustaffa

Account Executive

Nayla Nasr

Account Executive

Oussama Ahmad

Consulting Director

Christelle Salame

Consulting Director

Abdulmuizz Yusuf

Data & Analytics Manager

Margot Bletterie

Consulting Manager

Adam Nowak

Consulting Manager

Shantanu Garg


Kedar Singh


Roland Debbane


Anthony Cassab


Jean-Louis Prevost


Mohamad El Charif


Karim Mahboub

Data Scientist Manager

Kevin O'Brien

Data Scientist

Nivedha Ramesh

Data Scientist

Sarah Bourial

Data Scientist

Sriram Rajan

Data Engineer

Shubha Gupta

Data Engineer

Pradeep Sekar

Data Engineer

Hemanth Mandava

Data Engineer

Rahul Verma

Data Analyst

Suhas Bhat

Data Analyst